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               Brown County Playhouse - Silent Auction 

Thank you to all who donated items for this event. We really appreciate your support of Brown County Weekend Backpacks!


Listed below is a sample of our silent auction items. If you would like to bid or have questions, please email with the item number, your name, phone number and bid amount. You may also purchase some items prior to the Playhouse event, for the "Buy Now" price. All bids will be logged based on email time/date stamps. 

Online bidding will close September 7, 2018.

Bidding will continue at the Mellencougar event at the Playhouse on September 8, and will close at the end of intermission. 

Item 10

Autographed 30th Anniversary Edition Scarecrow Album

donated by John Mellencamp

Numbered 1259, sealed except for bottom right corner opened to autograph and small tear in upper left corner


Current Bid $50

IMG_4950 (2).JPG
IMG_4952 (2).JPG

Item 15

Nature's Palette 

by Patricia Bartels

Oil and gold leaf 20" by 16"       

Framed 25" by 21"

Patricia Bartels Website

$500 Current Bid

Buy Now for $785

IMG_4925 (2).JPG
IMG_4942 (2).JPG

Item 14

Metal Overlay Stained Glass 

by Anne Ryan Miller

14.5" by 28" 

Anne Miller Website

$400 Current Bid

Buy Now for $800

Item 11

Brown County YMCA

Family Membership

Full Year Membership, 

New members only

YMCA Website

Buy Now for $560

ymca 2.jpg
IMG_4940 (2).JPG

Item 12

Stitched Giraffe 

by Michele Pollock

Stitched giraffe 4.5"  by 11.5" 

Framed 12.5" by 20" 

Michele Pollock Website

$75 Current Bid

Buy Now for $220

Item 19

Hard Truth/Big Woods Gift Basket

Bottle Cinnamon Vodka,

$50 gift card,

2  Big Woods, Hard Truth t-shirts,

6 glasses,

whiskey flask

Hard Truth Website

Current bid $100

IMG_4945 (2).JPG

Item 17

One Night Stay

Story Inn

One inconvenient location since 1851

Expires 8/1/19

Story Inn Website

Buy Now for $200 

Item 16

Flowers at the Cabin 

by Sara Greeno

14" by 18" Acrylic painting

$150 minimum bid

Buy Now for $200

IMG_4934 (2).JPG
IMG_4928 (2).JPG

Item 20

Moment on the Farm

by Anabel Hopkins

10" by 8" barn wood framed oil painting

Framed 13" by 10.5"

Anabel Hopkins Website

Buy Now for $125 

Item 18

One Night Stay 

Artist Colony Inn

Expires 3/20/19

Artist Colony Inn Website

Buy Now for $155

Artist Colony Inn.GIF
bear wallow.JPG

Item 21

"Farm-to-Fifth" Tour Package

Bear Wallow Distillery

Extended Edition with full sample flight for up to 12 people

Bear Wallow Distillery Website

Buy Now for $120

Item 52

Winter Scene

by Ida Gordon

Oil on canvas. Framed 17" by 19", Art 9" by 10" 

Donated by Davie Kean

Minimum Bid $50

IMG_8079 (2).JPG
IMG_E8078 (2).JPG

Item 47

Barnyard Beauty

by Evelynne Mess (Daily)

Wood block print, Framed 11" by 13", Art 5.5" by 8" 

Donated by Davie Kean

Current Bid $50

Item 48

Village Skyline

by L. O. Griffith

Signed Etching of downtown Nashville, Framed 10" by 13", art 5.5" by 7" 


Donated by Davie Kean

Current Bid $100

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